Real Dogs Don't Have Tails!

This page is dedicated to my new puppy. He will be my first puppy; i've had other dogs but they were just "family" dogs. Here are some facts about him.

Name: Boomerang
sex: Male
Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
coat color as infant: blue/gray w/ white markings
coat color as puppy: blue/gray w/ white markings (changing)
Birthdate: May 3rd 2000
Date when he was brought home: June 26th 2000
Birthplace: Mt. Carmel,IL
Breeder:C. Tennis
Owner: Meg Waldron
Favorite toy: n/a

Now here are some pics of him.

Him and his sis (he's on the bottom)

Diary Entry: Sat. May, 20th 2000
We had to get up early to make it there by 9:30 am. C. Tennis (the Breeder) lived 2 hours away or 91.5 miles. My best friend Sara was coming with me. We got ready and i stuffed my head phones into my backpack (which i haul around everywhere). I planned to listen to Hanson's new CD "This Time Around"-yes i still love Hanson. I then shoved $50 into my pocket for the hold deposit. We left in a timely manner-the trip there was pretty dull. Trees, feilds, houses and a few farms (mmmmmooooooo). We soon got to Mt. Carmel. It was a very nice neighborhood. As we drove through it we gotr lost..i hadn't gotten the exact directions (opppss). My mom got a bit upset with me. I then used my mom's cell phone to call up C. Tennis and ask for answer-I left a message and the number.
Already being almost and hour late we made a pit stop at a gas station. My mom went inside to get a map while Sara and I stayed in the car. While we sat there my mom's cell began to ring. It was C. Tennis- she gave me directions but as we were talking my mom's battery ran out and i still didn't have all of the directions! I yelled for my mom and she gave me change for the payphone outside. I got ahold of C. Tennis again.
Now with full directions my mom wasn't so edgey. As we came up to the road we noticed that while trying to find it before we had passed it up two times. C. Tennis lived on a farm with alot of animals (which surprised me). She had Pem. Corgis, Jack Russell Terriers,pugs,horses,ponies,peacocks,a collie and a Rottie. Sara took to the pugs-she adored them. I met C. Tennis and we went to go look at the corgi puppies.
The puppies were in thier mom's dog house so C. Tennis had to tip it slightly to get them to slide out. They were so small being only alittle over 2 weeks old. She had sables and black tris-but i fell in love with the last little pup to come sliding out of the dog house. A small blue/gray male. I picked him up and held him. He seemed very relaxed with me. He gave me a lick and fell asleep. He was quite while he was awake while the other puppies made whines and cries. I didn't need to pick up anyother puppy. I had already made my choice.
We put the puppies back (even though i didn't want to lol). I paid C. Tennis the deposit and talked with her alittle. We looked at some of the other animals- which i also forgot to tell you about the kittens. All the animals were very gentle and sweet. They had alot of love and were taken care of well. We were there an hour and sadly we had to leave. Sara couldn't wait to come back (well both of us couldn't wait to come back but for different reasons), she wanted to see the new pug puppies that were due in 3 weeks.
We pulled away and headed for home- of course i wasn't really in a sad mood. I was extremly hyper chanting "isn't he ssoooo cute?!?" "he just adorable!!" "i love him soooo much!!!" "he's soooo little! so adorable!!" At that point i was driving my mom and Sara crazy. Now i have to wait "forever" to pick him up- but he's worth it.


Diary Entry: Mon. June 26th 2000

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